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List of Spiderman Movies You Need to Watch in Series

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Posted By Diksha Jani

Well, Spiderman movies are in huge popularity nowadays. There was a time when kids were crazy about Spiderman and wanted to wear spiderman costumes.

Still, the craze is not gone, and kids are still asking for it, but youth have more craze for the spiderman movies.

Recently people have been talking about Spiderman-No Way to Home, which is great, and people love it.

Well, today we are going to know about the Spiderman movie list and when it is released and which movie has got the best review from the public and critics.

We also know which series we can watch, the spiderman movie series though we can understand and enjoy it. So don’t miss the article and read it till the end, so you’ll get the idea about it in detail.

Spider Man (2002):

Spider Man (2002)

I watched this movie in the theatre for the first time and felt so good about it. Peter Parker is still my favorite from all other Spiderman series. Yes, indeed, spider man movies also came before that, but the idea of being Spiderman was not so popular during the 1970s. It became popular with Peter Parker and their crew members. When it comes to the critic review, they appraise the movie, and everything seems perfect with cast, story, production, direction and everything. The story of a common boy becoming a spiderman and becoming a hero is hilarious. Spider Man (2002) creates a huge fan following industry for spider man only, not any other hero.

Spider-Man (2004):

Spider Man (2004)

The second part of spider man is also very popular because the perter parker character was quite popular, and they want to extend the story of the spider man. They came with a new villain story. The movie does not get so much popularity, but perter parker gets more popularity, and people love the character even more.

Spider-Man (2007):

Spider Man (2007)

This is the last series of spiders man where perter parker can see in a new way. This movie does not get such because of the weak story and direction. Apart from that, people are getting bored of spiders, and they do not have anything new to watch. So we can say that spider man charm came down soon.

The Amazing Spiderman (2012):

The Amazing Spiderman

This movie has new characters and a new story, and somehow it is connected with the marvel franchise where Spiderman also helps other superheroes. This movie takes a little hike and creates interest in the spiderman series.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014):

The Amazing Spiderman2

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 comes with a connected story of part 1, and somehow it manages to connect with previous spiderman series and upcoming spiderman movies. The gets a little bit boring at the end, but still, people hope for the next movie.

Captain America Civil War (2016):

Captain America Civil War

In this movie, all the superheroes gather in one place to save the world and work against Thanos and other villains. Not all superheroes but a bunch of them come forward. The movie is really good, and it gets popularity because of all superheroes.

Spiderman Homecoming (2017):

Spiderman Homecoming

Well, this movie won the hearts of many people, and it introduces a new character who works with iron man and helps them. They came with a new idea of combining spiders man with other superheroes.

Spider-Man into Spider-Verse (2018):

Spider-Man into Spider-Verse

It is a completely fictional or cartoon movie that kids and youngsters love. Not only peter parker in the movie but other spiders man also in New York city to save it. Many people love the idea of the multi-verse of spiders man. The critics did not consider it so good and gave an average rating to the movie.

Venom (2018):


In this movie, you can see the civilian side of spider man and how it turns out and the emotional side of spider man. Here you can also see the fight between the good and bad spider man that excites viewers and connect them with the movie.

Avengers Infinity War (2018):

Avengers Infinity War

This movie was so awesome and held viewers with their sits till the movie’s end. People cried after the movie. In this movie, the role of the spider man is also great and good.

Spider-Man No Way to Home (2021):

Spider-Man no way to Home

It is must watchable and enjoy the weekend with your family and friends. So do not miss it ever. People love the movie.


All the movies of spider man series are fun-loving and full of entertainment. Before judging any movie, it is much better to watch it and understand it.

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