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The use of the right products is an important part of anime eye makeup. It’s the little details that can make or break a character’s potential to be represented. With the right cosmetic supplies, you can improve your anime makeup skills to professional levels.

Picking out the appropriate cosmetics to apply on your face is the secret to achieving the perfect ever anime eye makeup look. Getting those anime eyes and beautiful facial features down pat takes some effort, which is why we’ve compiled a list of the top makeup must-haves for your anime makeup look to help you level up your looks for the next festival.

Anime Eye makeup is the most important part of anime looks. So we should focus on that.

Makeup Products for Anime Makeup Looks


Make sure to use a quality moisturizer before applying any makeup. Makeup is unnatural to the body, no matter how organic and magical it may appear.

So, if you’re going to apply foundation straight to your skin, make sure you use a moisturizer beforehand. Moisturizers are also useful for keeping the skin moisturized and providing the moisture boost it requires before anime. The trick is to locate a moisturizer that works for you.

Makeup Base

The use of a foundation base can help to even out your skin tone and give your face a canvas-like texture. It facilitates the application of cosmetics. Because anime rarely has dark circles under eyes, tan lines, or blotches, anime eyes makeup should be virtually perfect. A good foundation base will absorb light and make you look less dazzling in photographs.

Liquid Concealer

While foundation can disguise undesirable spots or imperfections, concealers can fully eliminate them from your overall costume appearance. Applying concealer over your foundation will help disguise those annoying bags under your eyes and give you a flawless finish. Liquid concealer is ideal for anime eye makeup since it glides smoothly on the eyelid and does not leave a cakey look.


An anime eye makeup look is incomplete without eyeliner. For the anime eyes, always choose from the top liquid eyeliner. It contributes to the creation of a crisp, stunning image. Pencil liners are useful for anime eye makeup since they may help you create a finer line and don’t fade readily. Excessive eyeliner may make your eyes look smaller and narrower. Also, instead of choosing bright colors, stick to bold shades like brown, grey, or soft black, and just put liner on the outside of your eyelid.


Eyeshadow is also a crucial component of your anime eye makeup. Because most anime eyes are vividly colored, it’s essential to keep the eyes looking natural. Brown, grays, and black tones can deepen the eyelid crease. Select a color that goes well with your ensemble for the middle part. Apply shade to light layers using a brush as well. Start with a little coating and gradually increase it. It’s easy to go overboard. But you don’t want to come out as nervous.


Mascara is an effective way to bring all of those huge anime eyes together. The best mascara for Asian eyelashes can lengthen and thicken your lashes. On the other hand, long dark lashes are often linked with a feminine or appealing character. Thus they aren’t required for every character. Use solely black mascara if you want to get anime eye makeup look. If you want a stronger, less feminine appearance, go for brownish, blue, grayish, or even clear mascara.

Eyebrow Pencil

The shape of anime eyebrows is equally crucial as the rest of your look. For anime eyebrows, you need an excellent instrument. It might help you complete your entire look by framing your face.
Some people struggle to match their anime characters’ eyebrows. Perhaps their brows are a little too dark or pale. In any case, an eyebrow pencil should be used to maintain your brows manicured. A dual-ended brow pencil with a spoolie and a pencil shade of your choice is the ideal option.

Fake Lashes

You may make your eyes stand out more with the aid of fake lashes. You may select from a variety of lengths, styles, and sizes. If you don’t have mascara, you should apply it first to volumize your natural lashes. This might also assist in enlarging your eyes.
False lashes are a lifesaver for individuals with short or drooping lashes that won’t stay up. It not only enhances your whole eye makeup appearance, but it also makes your eyes jump.

Makeup Setting Spray

Another item you should include in your makeup bag is a setting spray. It may assist you in keeping your eye makeup in place without the need for several touch-ups. Setting spray is essential for anime aye makeups who plan to spend the day in character, sweat a lot, or use easily soiled costumes.


All the above tricks can be applied to perfect anime eye makeup and a new look. So don’t hesitate and try it now.

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