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Best Way to Learn French Fast

Best Way to Learn French Fast Posted On
Posted By Diksha Jani

We all know that French is the most romantic language in the world. Reading, listening, and speaking is the best way to learn French fast.

The pronunciation and people are lovely. The French culture is also very joyful and wonderful. People love to visit Paris and other cities in France.

But before you go to France, if you can speak, write and understand French a little bit, it is much better for you to live there.

Today we will teach a few things in the French language that will helps you to learn it. We have also attached some video tutorials, so you can easily write French and improve your knowledge.


Let’s begin our journey with alphabetic; just like the English language, French also has alphabets but pronounces differently. So read the alphabet carefully and try to pronounce it.

English French
A Aa
B Be
C Se
D De
G Ge
H Ash
J Ji
K Ka
L El
M Em
N En
P Pe
Q Ku
R Er
T Te
U Hu
V Ve
W Dublave
X Ix
Y Igrack [e grack]
Z Zed


Just try to pronounce the alphabet correctly, and for help, you can check out this video and listen to the alphabet.


What if someone asked for your contact details? How you’re going to explain it? Learn these 1-100 numbers in French, and then you can easily send your contact details to anyone in French.

Numbers English French
1 One Un
2 Two Deux (The)
3 Three Trois (Truva)
4 Four Quatre
5 Five Cinq (Senk)
6 Six Six (Seez)
7 Seven Sept (Set)
8 Eight Huit (Uit)
9 Nine Neuf
10 Ten Dix (Dieze)
11 Eleven Onze (Oonze)
12 Twelve Douze (Dooze)
13 Thirteen Treize (Threze)
14 Fourteen Quatorze (khatorze)
15 Fifteen Quinze (Kenz)
16 Sixteen Seize (Ceize)
17 Seventeen Dix-sept (Dizset)
18 Eighteen Dix-huit (Dizuit)
19 Ninteen Dix-neuf (diznuf)
20 Twenty Vingt (vaan)
21 Twenty-one Vingt en un (vaan-a-un)
22 Twenty-two Vingt Deux (Vaan The)
23 Twenty-three Vingt Trois (Vaan Trois)
24 Twenty-four Vingt Quatre (Vaan quatre)
25 Twenty-five Vingt Cinq (Vaan Senk)
26 Twenty-six Vingt Six (Vaan Seez)
27 Twenty-seven Vingt Sept (Vaan Set)
28 Twenty-eight Vingt Huit (Vaan Uit)
29 Twenty-nine Vingt Neuf (Vaan Nuf)
30 Thirty Trente (Traunt)
31 Thirty-one Trente en un
32 Thirty-two Trente deux (Traunt The)
33 Thirty-three Trente Trois (Traunt Truva)
34 Thirty-four Trente Quatre (Traunt Quatre)
35 Thirty-five Trente Cinq (Traunt Senk)
36 Thirty-six Trente Six (Traunt Seez)
37 Thirty-seven Trente Sept (Traunt Set)
38 Thirty-eight Trente Huit (Traunt Uit)
39 Thirty-nine Tente Neuf (Traunt nuf)
40 Fourty Quaronte (Keronte)
41 Forty-one Quaronte en un
42 Forty-two Quaronte deux (Keronte The)
43 Forty-three Quaronte trois (Keronte Truva)
44 Forty-four Quaronte Quatre (Keronte Quatre)
45 Forty-five Quaronte Cinq (Keronte Senk)
46 Forty-six Quaronte Six (Keronte Seeze)
47 Forty-seven Quaronte Sept (Keronte Set)
48 Forty-eight Quaronte Huit (Keronte Uit)
49 Forty-nine Quaronte Neuf (Keronte Nuf)
50 Fifty Cinquante (Senkaunte)
51 Fifty-one Cinquante en un (Senkaunte en un)
52 Fifty-two Cinquante Deux (Senkaunte The)
53 Fifty-three Cinquante Trois (Senkaunte Truva)
54 Fifty-four Cinquante Quatre (Senkaunte Quatre)
55 Fifty-five Cinquante Cinq (Senkaunte Senk)
56 Fifty-six Cinquante Six (Senkaunte Seeze)
57 Fifty-seven Cinquante Sept (Senkaunte Set)
58 Fifty-eight Cinquante Huit (Senkaunte Uit)
59 Fifty-nine Cinquante Neuf (Senkaunte Nuf)
60 Sixty Soixante (Suosante)
61 Sixty-one Soixante en un (Suosante en un)
62 Sixty-two Soixante Deux (Suosante The)
63 Sixty-three Soixante Trois (Suosante Truva)
64 Sixty-four Soixante Quatre (Suosante Quatre)
65 Sixty-five Soixante Cinq (Suosante Senk)
66 Sixty-six Soixante Six (Suosante Seeze)
67 Sixty-seven Soixante Sept (Suosante Set)
68 Sixty-eight Soixante Huit (Suosante Uit)
69 Sixty-nine Soixante Neuf (Suosante Nuf)
70 Seventy Soixante Dix (Susoante Deez)
71 Seventy-one Soixante et onze (Susoante et oonze)
72 Seventy-two Soixante Douze (Susoante Dooze)
73 Seventy-three Soixante Treize (Susoante Trez)
74 Seventy-four Soixante Quatorze (Susoante Khatorze)
75 Seventy-five Soixante Quinze (Susoante Kenz)
76 Seventy-six Soixante Seize (Susoante sez)
77 Seventy-seven Soixante Dix Sept (Susoante diz set)
78 Seventy-eight Soixante Dix Huit (Susoante diz uit)
79 Seventy-nine Soixante Dix Neuf (Susoante diz nuf)
80 Eighty Quatre Vingts (Quatre Vaan)
81 Eighty-one Quatre Vingt Un (Quatre Vaan Un)
82 Eighty-two Quatre Vingt Deux (Quatre Vaan The)
83 Eighty-three Quatre Vingt Trois (Quatre Vaan Truva)
84 Eighty-four Quatre Vingt Quatre (Quatre Vaan Quatre)
85 Eighty-five Quatre Vingt Cinq (Quatre Vaan Senk)
86 Eighty-six Quatre Vingt Six (Quatre Vaan Siz)
87 Eighty-seven Quatre Vingt Sept (Quatre Vaan Set)
88 Eighty-eight Quatre Vingt Huit (Quatre Vaan Uit)
89 Eighty-nine Quatre Vingt Neuf (Quatre Vaan Nuf)
90 Ninety Quatre Vingt Dix (Quatre Vaan Diz)
91 Ninety-one Quatre Vingt Onze (Quatre Vaan Oonze)
92 Ninety-two Quatre Vingt Douze (Quatre Vaan Dooze)
93 Ninety-three Quatre Vingt Treize (Quatre Vaan Trez)
94 Ninety-four Quatre Vingt Quatorze (Quatre Vaan Khatorze)
95 Ninety-five Quatre Vingt Quinze (Quatre Vaan Kenz)
96 Ninety-six Quatre Vingt Seize (Quatre Vaan Sez)
97 Ninety-seven Quatre Vingt Dix Sept (Quatre Vaan Diz Set)
98 Ninety-eight Quatre Vingt Dix Huit (Quatre Vaan Diz Uit)
99 Ninety-nine Quatre Vingt Dix Neuf (Quatre Vaan Diz Nuf)
100 One Hundred Cent (Saun)


As you can see above in the table, the exact pronunciation is written in brackets so you can spell it properly. You can check out this video to learn numbers as well.

Name of the Weeks:

French is a very different language from English; you can find many similar words in French and English, but the accents are completely different.

Many English words come from the French language, and the pronunciation is completely changed in the English accent. You can check out the name of the weeks below and learn them from this video.

English French
Monday Lundi
Tuesday Mardi
Wednesday Mercredi
Thursday Jeudi
Friday Vendredi
Saturday Samedi
Sunday Dimanche


The Month of The Year:

Well, every month has a different name in a French accent. You can checkout the table and try to speak it.

English Month French Mois
January Janvier
February Février
March Mars
April Avril
May Mai
June Juin
July Juillet
August Août
September Septembre
October Octobre
November Novembre
December Décembre


As you can see here, the spellings are almost the same, but the accent is completely different; you can check the French accent in this video.

Seasons in French Language:

Now, this is the time to know about the seasons in a French accent. Well, in French seasons is known as Les Saisons. So check out the list.

English Seasons French Saisons
Summer L’été
Fall L’autonme
Winter L’Hiver
Spring Le Printemps
Monsoon Le Mouson


As we can see, the French accent is completely different from the English accent, and most things are divided into Masculine and Feminine forms, so it is hard to remember. But these are just basic things you need to remember before we get into the French grammar like .

Color Names in French:

Yes, color names are also different in the French language; the best way to learn French fast is to speak and repeat every word until you get used to it.

Colors Les Couleurs
Red Rouge
Orange Orange
Yellow Jaune
Green Vert/Verte (masculine and feminine)
Blue Bleu/Bleue (masculine and feminine)
Purple Violet/Violette (masculine and feminine)
White Blanc/Blanche (masculine and feminine)
Brown Brun/Brune/Marron (masculine and feminine)
Black Noir/Noire (masculine and feminine)
Pink Rose
Gold Doré/Dorée (masculine and feminine)
Silver Argenté /Argentée (masculine and feminine)
Grey Gris/Grise (masculine and feminine)
Dark Blue Bleu Foncé /Blue Foncée (masculine and feminine)


French divides words into singular masculine, singular feminine, plural masculine, and plural feminine. So you have to change the terms according to the sentence.

Shapes in French:

How do you explain shapes in the French language? We know the English version, but check out the list below to learn in French.

Shapes Les Formes
Square Le Carré
Circle Le Cercle
Triangle Le Triangle
Rectangle Le Rectangle
Oval L’oval
Cube Le’Cube
Sphere La’Sphere
Cylinder Le Cylindre
Cone Le Cône
Octagon L’octogone
Box La Boite
Light Clair/Claire (masculine and feminine)


Introduce Your Family:

It is also the fast way to learn French to know how to introduce your parents to someone in French. But before you introduce your parents to someone, you must know how in the French language you can call them. So let’s begin.

Family La Famille
Parents Les Parents
Father Le Père
Mother La Mère
Brother Le Frère
Sister La Soeur
Children Les Enfants
Son Le Fils
Daughter La Fille
Cousin (M) Le Cousin
Cousin (F) La Cousine
Grandparents Les Grandsparents
Grandfather Le Grand-Père
Grandmother La Grand-Mère
Grandchildren Les Petits – Enfants
Grandson Le Petit – Fils
Granddaughter La Petit – Fille
Husband Le Mari
Wife La Femme
Uncle L’oncle
Aunt La Tante
Nephew Le Neveu
Niece La Nièce


As you can see, some spellings are the same in English and French, but the pronunciation is completely different, which you can check out in this video.

Parts of Body in French:

Well, I like this song as well, personally, so you can watch it here on YouTube. It will give you an idea of how to speak French, and this song also helps you to learn parts of the body in French.

Well, this is also the fast way to learn French; you can identify your body parts, repeat them yourself, and try to remember them.

Parts of Body Partie Du Corps
Face Le Visage
Eyes Les Yeux
Nose Nez
Cheeks Joues
Lips Les Lèvres
Forehand Le Front
Eyelids Paupières
Chin Menton
Ears Oreilles
Arms Les Bras
Toes Les Orteils
Stomach Le Ventre
Legs Les Jambes
Foot Le Pied
Hands Les Mains
Back Le Dos
Hair Les Cheveux
Cur;y Bouclès
Dark Foncè
Thin Mince
Fat Gros/Grosse (masculine and feminine)
Tall Grand
Small/Short Petit/Petite
Handsome Beau
Beautiful Belle


To understand more, you can check out this video because it is the best way to learn French fast.

Presentation in French:

Adjectives Presentation in French means to compliment or to explain your emotion in one word in the French language.

Well, it is completely different from the English language, and to understand, you can also check out this video and read this list.

French Adjectives Presentation Francais Adjectif Prèsente
Good or Well Bon/Bonne (masculine and feminine)
Bad Mauvais/Mauvaise (masculine and feminine)
Pretty Joli/Jolie (masculine and feminine)
Nice Gentil/Gentille (masculine and feminine)
Strong Fort/Forte (masculine and feminine)
Funny Drôle
Odd Bizarre
Scared Effrayé/Effrayée (masculine and feminine)
Angry Fâché/Fâchée (masculine and feminine)
Expensive Cher/ Chère (masculine and feminine)
Brave Courageux/Courageuse (masculine and feminine)
Confused Désorienté/Désorientée (masculine and feminine)
Difficult Difficile
Exhausted Épuisé/Épuisée (masculine and feminine)
Tired Fatigué/Fatiguée (masculine and feminine)
Totally Grave
Fat or Heavy Gros/Grosse
Fair Juste
Free or Available Libre
Better Meillur/Meilleure (masculine and feminine)
New Nouveau/Nouvelle (masculine and feminine)
Light Léger/Légère (masculine and feminine)
Ugly Moche
Sorry Navré/Navrée (masculine and feminine)
Sorry Désolé
The Same Pareil/Pareille (masculine and feminine)
Poor Pauvre
In a Hurry Presse/Pressée (masculine and feminine)
Easy Facile
Ready Prêt/Prête (masculine and feminine)
Delighted Ravi/Ravie (masculine and feminine)
Nice Sympa
Calm Tranquille
Hardworking Travailleur/Travailleuse (masculine and feminine)
Sad Triste
Empty Vide
Old Vieux/Vieille (masculine and feminine)
Mean Méchant/Méchante (masculine and feminine)
Worried Inquiet/Inquiète (masculine and feminine)
High Haut/Haute (masculine and feminine)
Low Bas/Basse (masculine and feminine)
Beautiful Beau/Belle (masculine and feminine)
Thin Mince
Soft Doux
Clear Clair
Very Beautiful Tres Belle
Latest Dernier
Only Seul
Serious Sériux/Sérieuse (masculine and feminine)


In Conclusion:

Well, the best way to learn French fast is to read it and repeat it again and again till you memorize it and can speak in front of people.

Although, French is not so much a tough language, but beginners may be able to feel it. Today we explain the basics of the French language, and in the next article, we came up with a little bit of French Grammar that you can understand. Please contact us via our contact page if you think we miss something in this article.

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