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Biggest Crime Organizations in the World Part-1

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The Biggest Crime Organizations in the World have an immense impact on society. They change the norms of living and include more people in illicit business.

These organizations began as a group of members who were against government policies. Still, slowly they turned into a criminal gang that performed all kinds of illegal business to earn money.

There is no culture, country, or religion where criminals were not born and made an impact. These Biggest Crime Organizations in the World show people why it is necessary to be good and not part of harmful activities.

Today we will learn about such criminal organizations which rule part of the World, but they also get demolished with time. So let’s begin the journey.

List of Biggest Crime Organizations in the World:

Crips & Bloods:

Crips and Bloods

It is very interesting to know that Crips and Bloods are two different gangs that come together after a long fight and become one.

Yes, the original name of the Crips gang was Cribs because, in this gang, there were youngsters who wanted to protect their neighborhood from invaders.

Crips were formed in 1969 by Raymond Washington and Stanley Williams in Los Angeles in the late 6os and early 70s.

On the other side, Bloods was formed by small gangs known as Piru Street Boys to get power over the Crips.

After some time, the Crips used to involve in many illegal businesses like drug trafficking, money laundering, robbery, and murders. As they grew more in the business, they started covering all other gangs in them, making amends with the Bloods group.

The Crips used blue as their sign, and Bloods used red as their gang symbol, and when they came together, they combined two colors and created a new uniform.

After aligning these two gangs, they expand their business in different parts of America, such as Hawaii, Chicago, Alaska, etc.

As time passed, it became the most prominent street gang organization; many members purchased the property and started legitimate businesses such as car wash for money laundering purposes.

Many people in these gangs were shot in 1979, and many of them were arrested. Due to this, the gang became less visible, and with time it was finished in the 80s.

Irish Mob:

Irish Mob

Well, the Irish Mob working since the 1800s, and they started their business as a street gang, and then finally, they grew apart.

The Irish Mob is not just some people working together; families are involved in this business. The Irish Mob starts with Eddie McGrath, James Coonan, Mickey Featherstone, James McElroy, and Edward Cummiskey.

All of these families are working together to run this business. They are involved in all kinds of business, such as drug trafficking, sex trafficking, murders, money laundering, blackmail, kidnapping, and international ammunition trafficking.

We can say that these family is working for over a century, and during all these years, the government and police departments have tried to vanish these gangs, but they have been unable to do it.

These Irish mob families work from different locations so the business can efficiently work. They started their business in Italy but moved towards American soil, then rose upwards.

They are not entirely vanished because their people also belong in the government and the police department, as we all see in the movies.

They are still present and working more effectively in the market this time. Many people in this family were arrested by the police and got jailed. But still, they didn’t stop their work and still going on.



Well, in India, D-Company was started as a legitimate business by Dawood Ibrahim. If we are talking about the mobs before Dawood Ibrahim, there were many mobs, such as Haji Mastan and Karim Moosa, but they ran the business with ethics.

They are also involved in illegal business but don’t kill people and are used to being gods of that time. People used to worship Haji Mastan because he helped poor people and extorted money from rich people.

Dawood Ibrahim was one of the members of Haji Mastan group, but he left the group because he didn’t like the ethics of the illegal business and wanted to expand the business with drugs.

Before Dawood Ibrahim, there was no drug business in India, he introduced drugs in India to get more money and become more powerful than Haji Mastan, and he became too.

According to the book “Dongri to Dubai,” the bomb blast and terrorist attack were not made by Dawood Ibrahim, but according to the police officer reports, he was the planner of these attacks.

Dawood also influenced bollywood and other businesses in India, becoming the front face of every party during the 90s.

He almost ran the whole illegal business by living in India, but after the bomb blast in 1993, he had to leave the country and go to Dubai.

According to some police officials, Dawood is in Lahore, Pakistan, and is very aged. There are no current photographs available in the market Dawood Ibrahim.

The D-company has become the Biggest Crime Organizations in the World and is still working and doing illegal business in India and other countries. Whether he is alive or dead is still a mystery.

During the 90s, multiple gangs were working in India and performing extortion and kidnapping business, but over time they all were dead by the Indian government.

Hells Angels:

Hells Angels

The Hells Angels was a gang of motorcycle bikers who rode Harley Davidson in California in 1948. They started this club as regular bikers and opposed World War II. They started this club to oppose the government, and then slowly, they all turned into gangsters.

The gang was famous in California because, at that time, this kind of bike was sporadic, and only a few people could afford it.

They also used to help people in need, but after some time in the work opposition, they started money laundering, drug trafficking, kidnapping, and murder.

The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club was founded in Fontana, California, near San Bernardino, in 1948. The club started in California and expanded slowly in other countries, such as New Zealand and Oakland, between 1954 and 1957.

The membership of this club is very tight people have to wait for months to get the membership. People who resign must turn in all regalia bearing the Hells Angels name or “Death Head” logo.

They also started a security business where they used to provide their services during the festival season, but instead of security, they used to do illegal business.

They collect their customers from these festivals and then sell their drugs to them. They kill many people who ever used to complain against them.

But in the 1980s, the police department caught these gangs’ prominent people and demolished their work. After that, they worked from a tiny place and didn’t think about moving forward with their business in the crime world. It becomes the Biggest Crime Organizations in the World.



Triad is the Biggest Crime Organizations in the World; just like the Irish Mob, this Triad is also run by many Chinese families. They are also known as Chinese Mafia or black societies among the Chinese people.

They are believed to have more than 250,000 members, with 100,000 in Hong Kong alone. With the help of so much population, this triad mob recruits people daily.

Crime is the family business of this Triad because they have been ruling since the 18th century, so it already has 200 years of experience in crime, and it becomes generational.

They saw everything in history, from mechanics to modernism and slavery to fascism. Now, they are also moving forward with machinery and everything that destroys the World.

This Triad is involved in illegal businesses, such as armed robbery, racketeering, smuggling, narcotics trafficking, prostitution, gambling, and even contract murder.

The crime began in the 1800 century and was founded by some monks who used to fight against injustice. As time moves forward, when those monks become politically powerful, they use to move towards illegal substances such as opium.

The whole committee changed with time and turned into the Biggest Crime Organizations in the World, and the members of Triad continued their work during the entire revolutionary time.

As time passed, they started making amends with different countries such as France and other Europe countries.

Even during World War I and II, this Triad group was active and tried to make a profit instead of saving the World.

The members of Triad are not only gangsters but are good police officers, politicians, actors, and so on. This group is still working globally, slowly trying to control every country.


Well, many other Biggest Crime Organizations in the World are not discussed here right now. But we will come soon with further details that will help you to know more about such a criminal World. This is the beginning of our journey, and we will move forward with more information.

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