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Unforgettable Darkest Moments In Indian History Part-1

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There are so many darkest moments in Indian history that we cannot count on them. India has a series of tragic moments, and every time it bounces back. We all know that India is a very beautiful and tolerant country, but this behaviour of India is its blessing and curse as well.

India faces many dark moments throughout the time but always bounces back because Indians always know how to survive in the dark moments and come back to the light. India is a place of spirituality, knowledge and beauty.

A country like India, where the people of different religions survive, has to face the most tragic moments in history. The list is long, so get time from your work and read it.

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre(1919):

Jallianwala Bagh Massacre

There are many darkest moments in history, but let’s start with a huge massacre of Indians in JAllianwala Bagh in 1919. It was the time when Indian freedom fighters protested against the British Government to leave India.

The Jallianwala Bagh is a few minutes far from the Golden Temple, so people can meet together there and have fun with each other. The General Dyer of the British Government already banned all kinds of meetings and union committees due to the protest against the British Government.

But on April 13, Sunday in 1919, people were gathered for a meeting in Jallianwala Bagh, and General Dyer had the news of it. So he brought the ammunition guns to that place and fired the whole round to shoot the people who came into that meeting.

This Jallianwala Bagh incident is the darkest moments in Indian history, and people still wish for those souls to rest in peace. At that time, there were 1500 people, and almost 1000 people were killed. People got very angry after this huge and tragic incident, and protests became more aggressive.

The Partition of India (1947):

Partition of India

This is another darkest moments in Indian history because this incident also leaves so many scars on the Indian hearts. Before leaving the country, the British Government divides the country into two parts India and Pakistan.

The former first prime minister of India, Jawaharlal Nehru, and the former prime minister of Pakistan, Mohammad Ali Jinnah, agreed on the division of India and a large part given to the Muslims to create a new nation now known as Pakistan.

Mahatma Gandhi also supported this partition, and due to this, lots of people had a horrible death. Womens got raped, and children were slaughtered in Pakistan.

At the border, people were treated like animals and didn’t even get proper food, clothes or any kind of medical service.

In different cities of both countries, religious riots began, and people got burned in their own houses, which is the most horrible incident for every Indian.

The freedom costs the lives of thousands of people and non-ending hatred between the two communities, which is the worst scenario in Indian history.

Mahatma Gandhi Assassinated (1948):

Mahatma Gandhi Assassinated

Yes, after the partition of India on August 14, Mahatma Gandhi was murdered on January 30, 1948, in Delhi.

We all know that Nathuram Godse killed Mahatma Gandhi in front of everyone. He fired 3 shots from his gun, and Mahatma Gandhi died just a few minutes after that.

After killing Gandhi, he surrendered himself to the police and also accepted the punishment given by the court.

During his trial, he explained the whole reason behind his action of killing Gandhi, some people still believe him, and some people still hate him.

After the death of Mahatma Gandhi, many things were changed, but for many people, it was heartbreaking because he was a very important person to the country. His death not only shocked people but also hurt them very emotionally.

India-China War (1962):

India-China War

Yes, this is another darkest momentsin Indian history where China try to sabotage the Indian territory. China has always conflicted with India, and they never support India.

However, they are the big supporters of Pakistan and always stand against India. In 1962 also, China was not happy that India welcomed Tibetians into the country.

Indian Army was defeated immediately by Chinese troops as they entered the Indian territory. After a month, a cease-fire was declared, and finally, a line was drawn between India and China. Well, in the last 200 years, this was the first war that Indians defeated.

Indian Emergency (1975):

Indian Emergency

Our former Prime Minister Indira Gandhi declared an emergency from June 1975 to March 1977 for 21 months. During this period, many civil rights were distorted, and many slums were tortured in Delhi.

The worst violent incident was when Sanjay Gandhi ordered the demolition of slums near Delhi’s Turkman Gate area. People protested; the police killed almost 150 people, and approximately 70,000 residents were displaced.

All these incidents were highly criticized by the media and people. After that, in the next election, Indira Gandhi was removed from her position, and Morarji Desai was elected as Prime Minister.

The Bhopal Gas Tragedy (1984):

Bhopal Gas Tragedy

It is a shame for our country that our Government won’t be able to find the people who reach this chemical industry and spread this poisonous gas in the air.

Many people died, and thousands of people got sick, which also affected the next generation of Bhopal city. Many kids were born with disabilities and weak immune systems. The Bhopal gas tragedy is shameful, and not a single person was blamed for it. Death of innocent people becomes the darkest moments in Indian history.

Anti-Sikh Riots (1984):

Anti-Sikh Riots

India is popular for religious riots too. After Indira Gandhi’s assassination by two people dressed up as Sikhs. These 2 people also surrendered themselves after the murder of Indira Gandhi. They got sentenced to death, but the public started blaming the Sikh community for it, and thousands of people got killed in their homes only.

This is a real tragedy for Indians that because of one person’s fault, the whole community has to suffer from shame, insult and death. It is the darkest moment in India’s history because people can never make a difference between good and bad.

Kashmiri Pandit Massacre (1990):

Kashmiri Pandit Massacre

This is the darkest moments in Indian history because everything just started surprisingly and took a tragic turn for Kashmiri Pandits.

It is well-known that Kashmiri Pandits always belong to the Valley of Kashmir, and surprisingly Muslims come together and declare war against all the Hindus.

They told them to leave their houses immediately and leave their homes, money, kids and women behind; otherwise, they got killed.

Thousands of people were killed in this massacre, including the high court judge and many other prestigious people on the road. Womens got raped, and almost 4 lakhs Kashmiri Pandits left the whole of

Kashmir immediately and left as immigrants in their own country. Just because of the temporary closure of 370 in the constitution of India, all this massacre happened, and no one came to them for help.

After the massacre of Kashmiri Pandits for almost 30 years, they lived as immigrants in their own country without any kind of good facilities. You can watch “The Kashmir Files” because it actually explains the pain of Kashmiri Pandits and horrible but true stories of people.

The exodus of Kashmiri Pandits is the most darkest moments in Indian history and it is never forgettable by any Indian.

Babri Masjid Demolition (1992):

Babri Masjid Demolition

This matter actually opens up the upcoming future of India. According to history, the Babri Masjid was an actual Hindu Temple which was demolished by Aurangzeb and re-establish as the Masjid.

After a struggle of many centuries, Hindus finally demolished the Babri Masjid, and again the whole drama went to court. Many archaeologists proved it was the temple, and it came back to Hindus.

Well, this incident fires up the religious riots between Hindus and Muslims, lasting many days. Many people were dead in both the communities and many people got injured.

There were many stories about Babri Masjid that people tell you to make you angry but don’t do that because learning good things from the past is good, even from the bad situation, but don’t allow your history to make decisions in your present.

Bombay Bomb Blast (1993):

Bombay Bomb Blast

How does it feel when your own family member burns the whole family? It sounds terrible; it feels terrible and causes a heart attack in any person.

Just like that, on March 12, 1993, the whole of Bombay was on fire, and people died in different places in the same cities. Many families lost their relatives and family members in this blast.

On that day, Bombay was burning, and people were dying on the roads, and on the road; there were flesh and blood everywhere.

According to the Government, only 350 people were dead. And 1200 people were injure, but no one knows about the figure.

After the investigation, it is prove that the whole bomb blast idea was prepare by Ibrahim Dawood and proceed by Tiger Menon.

The Indian Police, CBI Investigators and the Indian Government tried very hard. But could never arrest the Dawood Ibrahim or Tiger Menon.

The darkest moments in Indian history is that the Indian Government can still not arrest Dawood Ibrahim for his deeds.

After this incident, Dawood Ibrahim explained in an interview that he was not behind this bomb blast, and someone else framed him. He also mentioned the same thing in his book “Dongri to Dubai”.

The Kargil War (1999):

The Kargil War

This was another try from Pakistan to enter the Indian territories and terrorize the country, but again they got fail and were hit by the Indian Army.

The war continued for 3 months, from May 3 to July 26 1999, and after the terrifying war of 3 months, the Indian Army again floated the Indian flag on Kargil.

We all know that war always comes with dark nights and unexplainable pain. Actually, these war zones teach us about the value of life.

The Parliament Attack (2001):

The Parliament Attack

This is another failure for the Indian Government. because the terrorists reached out to the Indian Parliament for the attack to destory it.

All the MPs were available at that time, and all the terrorist was shot outside the Parliament. And the situation came under control again.

After this incident, security near the Indian Government is the top priority for everyone, and it also consider as Darkest Moments In Indian History

Godhra Riots (2002):

Godhra Riots

People still didn’t forget the Godhra riots. And the whole thing started with the Muslim community who burnt a train compartment full of Hindu devotees.

They locked the door and burnt the whole compartment, and after that, every city in Gujarat was in riot.

At that time, Ahmedabad was on high alert, and people were killing each other. There was a mass killing of the Muslim population, children being burn, looting and destruction of properties.

Ahmedabad Bomb Blast (2008):

Ahmedabad Bomb Blast

On July 26 2008, 70 bomb blasting happened in Ahmedabad city within 70 minutes. According to the Government, 56 people were kill, and 200 people were injure, but the numbers are different.

After a few months, Banglore and Delhi became the next target for bomb blasts in September of the same year. In 2008 only hundreds of people were kill in a bomb blast.

In Ahmedabad, the state government found the culprits and sentenced them to death for this blast and killing so many people. But the Delhi government didn’t make a trial for it and left the people with their pain and loss.

Mumbai Bomb Blast (2008):

Mumbai Bomb Blast

It’s been a decade, but it feels like the darkest moments in Indian history. Because we all saw the real terrorism on television.

All the news channels were talking about these attacks. And explaining how the Indian Government failed to protect the Taj hotel from these 7 terrorists.

Everything was explain about how terrorists enter India via sea. How they split and terrorized the whole city for 3 days.

Many soldiers were martyr while saving the people and shot others to death. They were only able to capture Kasab from the murder scene, kept him in jail for 4 years, and then hanged him in 2012. We can say that 2008 was not a good year for any Indian. There was a series of blasts, pain, and losses makes it the Darkest Moments In Indian History.

Nirbhaya Rape Case (2012):

Nirbhaya Rape Case

Rape cases of women never stopped in India; it is a shame for every citizen that women cannot walk freely in their own city.

A gang raped Nirbhaya on the bus, and they beat his friend and threw him out of the bus. They raped her and left her to live with this pain.

She fought for 15 days in the hospital for her life and then died. Her parents were broke with this incident, and it took 7 years to give punishment for this horrible act.

The darkest moment is not that we cannot stop the situation; the horrible moment is now that after such an atrocious incident. We are still unable to upgrade our law system, and we take so many years just to punish rapists. This is the actual horrible thing and most Darkest Moments In Indian History.


India is a country where all kinds of tragic incidents happen. But we still find happiness and peace in our houses with our loved ones. The darkest moments in Indian history teach us to identify the red flags because no incident happens suddenly.

There is always a plan and lots of people’s minds that converts a beautiful day into a horrific one for others. But if you find out those red flags earlier, you may avoid such terrible moments and save yourself and others. So be aware.

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