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The Kashmir Files: Why it is Necessary to Watch

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Posted By Diksha Jani

The Kashmir Files is the best movie that I have seen in a very long time. I recommend this movie because it is not just a movie but a horrible reality hidden for a long time by the previous government.

Normally, a movie review is about the movie story, star cast, direction, casting, cinematography, and such things, but today I’m not going to talk about such things.

I think the most important thing for movie success is that it impacts society in a good way that people think and change themselves.

History is where a person can read and learn so many things, and still, people avoid history and think that it is bullshit and must be forgettable.

But some things do not need to forget because when you forget history, it repeats itself until you remember it and do not stop it from repeating it.

Today I’m going to explain why The Kashmir Files is must watchable for every person. It is completely personal, so here is the disclaimer: if anyone does not like my thoughts, I’m fine with it, and I’m not forcing anyone to think like me and accept my thoughts. So after reading it, think and feel free to share your opinion with me.

Why is The Kashmir Files Necessary to Watch?

The Kashmir Files is not just the movie; it is the emotion of Kashmiri Pandits who faced horrible genocide by the terrorists and left their houses overnight.

The genocide was pre-planned, and the whole world also avoided that terrible incident and never helped the Kashmiri Pandits.

Thousands of people died because they were Hindu, and the Muslim community wanted to establish the Islamic constitution in Kashmir. A rigid belief took thousands of lives, and people who did not want to die had to live in their houses immediately with their families.

The Muslim community does not want Kashmiri Pandits in their lands and attacks them with a very strategic plan. Many people caught during running were forced to convert their religion.

This is the real movie that every person needs to watch and feel the pain of those who faced this situation and are still alive.

We all say that humanity is the only thing that bears the earth, and it is true too. Without humanity, a man is a beast who knows how to hunt people and kill them.

The Kashmir Files connects you with the pain of the Kashmiri Pandits and reminds you that if you don’t support humanity, then such beasts can come to you in the near future.

It is essential to teach good things to your kids to make a better future and fight against those beasts who are against the whole of humanity.

History is filled with such incidents where thousands of people were killed by a few beasts, but people always forget and move on.

The Kashmir Files reminds you to be aware and never let win such ideology who want to kill people anyhow or convert other people into them.

Such ideologies are the poison for the growth of humanity; if you let them win, then such genocides become common, and it will vanish all the good things from this world. After that, every person is just a dead person who lives to fill the stomach and kill other people, so beware.

What is the History of Kashmir?

If we read Hindu mythology, then Kashmir is the source of knowledge. It is where a person becomes a Pandit in any particular subject.

The history of Kashmir begins with Rishi Kashyap, who researched various things in Kashmir. And due to his Tapasya, that place is known as Kashmir.

Kashmir is not just placed from where the river is flowing. Still, it is also where the knowledge river is flowing continuously. Not only Rishi Kashyap, but many other rishis went there to pursue knowledge and create wonderful scriptures for the sake of humanity.

Kashmir is the source of Ayurveda, Medicine, Art, Music, Drama Science, Philosophy, Astrology, Astronomy, Theatre Art, Dance, Physics, Geography, Social Science, Economics.

The people you read in the Hindu mythology and who were considered a master in their fields all got their knowledge from Kashmir.

You can say that Kashmir is the brain of India and Hindu mythology, and it is also a spiritual center for people. Many scholars and intellectual people went from Kerala to Kashmir to learn and feel the spirituality in nature. Kashmir is where different types of culture are born and then spread all over India.

Kashmir is known as the heaven of India, and not because of the beautiful mountains or winter season or something. It is heaven because millions of people get knowledge and spiritual path from Kashmir.

Kashmir is a heaven of India because it is the center of knowledge. We all know that knowledge makes everyone’s lives beautiful and worthy.

How Kashmir Falls in Attack?

There are many answers to this question: why do such radical people target Kashmir? If we recall the previous 1000 years of Indian history, we found thaat most of the attackers came from the Kashmir sides. But were not able to cross Gujarat or Maharashtra. Therefore, they have a very difficult time defeating Indians in a battle.

We have all kinds of knowledge, from medicines to weapons to battle strategy and everything that attackers won’t sustain for a long time.

So they make a strategy to live in Kashmir for years and make a community. Then, after a long wait and having a minimum amount of people in all positions. They planned to get the Kashmir and kill all the Kashmiri Pandits.

There is a long strategic plan to create an Islamic constitution in Kashmir. Oh yes, a political angle will be discussed in the next article.

When you corrupt the brain, the whole body function will stop, and it won’t react. In January 1990, the attack on Kashmir created the same impact. And the whole India won’t be able to function.

Yes, the government of 1990 was at fault for not helping the Kashmiri Pandits and leave them. Just like they were not an integral part of India. Kashmir is always an integral part of India, and no one can deny that fact.

What Actual Happened in Kashmir?

Suppose you have already watched The Kashmir Files. In that case, I will say that every incident in the film was accurate. The references you can get from old interviews, and books like “Kashmir’s Untold Story,” and “Cases That India Forgot.”

According to the government record, only thousands of people were killed. They also tried to review it as a communal riot, but the actual figure is unknown.

According to many other books there, 4-5 lac Kashmiri Pandits were killed by terrorists. All other community people were also killed, such as Sikh, Buddhist, Christian, and other minorities, and forcibly converted to Islam.

Apart from Killing there, thousands of people who converted their religion was different agendas, and female rapes are still unknown.

But unfortunately, no one can help them, and after the 30 years of this genocide. This movie explains the pain of Kashmiri Pandits.

The High court judge, IAF officers, police officers, and so many reputed people were killed by these terrorists. And no one could stop them.

How to Rate Movie?

Well, if it comes to the parameters of the film industry, then the movie comes to the above-average. Because there is no romance, item song, or any nudity.

But if we think according to the public perspective, then the direction of The Kashmir Files is amazing. People love this movie, and it creates an impact on the society, and we can see some changes soon.

Real art is the mirror of society, and the actual use of art is to reveal the truth in front of viewers. And this movie fulfills both of these conditions.

Of course, when it comes to rating, various people react in different ways. But mostly, people love this movie, and you can see people’s reactions after watching the movie.


In Conclusion:

The Kashmir Files is worth watching because it explains the truth of the Kashmiri Pandits. Moreover, it teaches us why humanity has to react and fight against such ideologies and defeat them. So the future generations won’t be able to face such a situation ever again.

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