Famous Actors Who Played Cross-Gender Role Amazingly

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We all know that acting is a very tough job in the world. The actors have to go beyond their comfort zone and perform the cross-gender roles they didn’t even want to play.

The people who go beyond their comfort zone get immense success. Today, we will know about such actors who played cross-gender roles outstandingly and mark their remarks on the heart of their fans. So we don’t wait and explain it more.

Angelina Jolie:

Angelina Jolie

We all know about Angelina Jolie, the most versatile actress in Hollywood who plays so many roles and gives the best performances in her whole life.

She played the role of CIA officer Evelyn Salt working for Russian intelligence. According to the movie story, the women have to transform into a man to become an intelligence officer, and for this movie, she has to spend several hours in the makeup room.

Pedro Almodovar:

Pedro Almodovar

He is a Spanish actor who plays a role of a female character Gael Garcia Bernal in a movie known as La mala education.

When you first watch the movie, you will never identify that a female character is a man. He has to wax and do other things to fit into this role, making it memorable. In the movie, it is really hard to identify that the actor is male but not female.

Eddie Redmayne:

Eddie Redmayne

The movie is about a man in 1920 named Einar Wegener who believes that he wants to be a woman and become a woman with the help of a sex-change operation.

The movie’s name is The Danish Girl. Eddie was great in both roles and played it very gracefully. You can enjoy the movie, and the transformation is unrecognizable.

The movie is very inspirational, strong and philosophical of a first transgender person, which touches the heart of many people.

Cillian Murphy:

Cillian Murphy

We all know Cillian Murphy from “Peaky Blinders,” but before that, he played many roles, and one of them was a female character.

He is an Irish actor and very brilliant, he played a role of a teenager in the movie Breakfast on Pluto. For Cillian, the cross-gender roles was very complex, and he had to work hard.

Adam Sandler:

Adam Sandler

Adam performs the role of twin brother and sister in a movie named Jack and Jill. The story was about a person who has a twin sister who makes his life very hard to live.

It is fun to watch, and the actor also gets two Golden Raspberry Awards for the worst male and female roles.

Ritesh Deshmukh:

Ritesh Deshmukh

He is another amazing actor who played a cross-gender roles

in the movie Apna Sapna Money Money. It was not his first film, but this movie gave him so much popularity and established him as an actor.

So we can say that Ritesh Deshmukh looks really very beautiful in Sonia’s role and entertains people so much.

Shreyas Talpade:

Shreyas Talpade

Shreyas is another actor who played a cross-gender role very beautifully and gracefully in the two movies, Paying Guest and Golmaal 2.

He looks perfect in a female character, and it is hard to recognize them. For them, the female character is not easy, but they perform it so neat and gracefully that no one can object to it.

Kamal Hassan:

Kamal Hassan

He is the most phenomenal actor in South Industry. He is an actor, director, producer, and writer, combining so many things.

He also played a female character known as Laxmi in Chachi 420. The movie was in the South language, but the Bollywood version was also very popular. The movie was fun for everyone, and it can still be watchable for everyone.



When it comes to female characters, then how can we forget about the Govind who plays the role of Rani in the movie Aunty No. 1?

He performs so well and highlights the adult comedy uniquely so it won’t be offensive to any audience. It is a complete family movie that everyone can enjoy.

Shahid Kapoor:

Shahid Kapoor

He also plays an amazing cross-gender roles in Milenge Milenge’s movie to get his love back. He becomes a blonde girl and looks cute and funny simultaneously. He did it well, but he is not the person who likes to go with female characters.

Elle Fanning:

Elle Fanning

Another Hollywood actress played the role of a transgender person who wants to go with the sex-change operation and become a boy.

The story is about a girl who fights with her parents and society to get a sex-change operation and become a boy. The role was hard, and she used to manage it.

Hilary Swank:

Hilary Swank

She played a boy’s role in the movie Boys Don’t Cry based on real events. Hilary’s character was born as a woman who always wanted to be a man, and he also wanted to go with the sex-change operation for transformation.

Hilary worked hard to get into this role. She cut her hair, made her body more manly, and lived in that image for months. After all her hardwork, she also won an Oscar for her character in the movie.

Robin Williams:

Robin Williams

Robin’s most popular character as Mrs. Doubtfire, is loved by many people, even by the cast from the movie too.

He came to his ex-wife’s house as a nanny to take care of his child. This movie also inspired the Bollywood movie Chachi 420.

John Travolta:

John Travolta

Well, he is another amazing actor who plays the cross-gender role of Edna Turnblad in the movie Hairspray.

He played the laundry lady, who gained lots of weight and was very shy. The movie is very inspiring, but yes, you cannot identify this laundry lady as a man.

Amanda Bynes:

Amanda Bynes

It is also a comedy movie about a twin brother and sister who wants to prove something about themselves.

This is a challenging role for Amanda because she played two characters where she played about herself and her brother, and she wants to prove to her ex-boyfriend that soccer is not only a man’s game.

Rani Mukherji:

Rani Mukherji

She also played two roles of boy and girl in the movie Dil Bole Hadippa and gave a remarkable performance in the movie.

It is not easy to perform such roles because the actors have to work hard to give the best performance.


Well, acting is not easy and playing a cross-gender role is quite challenging because the actors have to prepare so much for it.

The list is very long and unending, but the above list is about popular actors whose roles were very popular and people love them.

Many actors play cross-gender roles in the Film industry, but only a few people get success from it. So if you think that the list must belong, please tell us about it.

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