Embedding Google Reviews on Website – A Clever Marketing Strategy

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Whether it’s before going to a movie, choosing a restaurant, or buying a product, consumers always look for google reviews before making a decision.

Hence, businesses are now actively opting to embed Google reviews on websites, so that their target customers find it easy to find reviews and make their purchase decisions.

If you haven’t yet jumped on the bandwagon, then this is the right time to do it, as competition in the market is getting stiff.

And as consumers are now spoilt for choices, why not convince them to trust your brand by showcasing them some positive reviews?

In this blog, you will find everything you want to know about embedding Google reviews on websites, so read this blog till the end because it has a lot to offer.

Why Google Reviews On Websites Is Need Of The Hour?

The first thing you might want to know about adding Google reviews to the website is what it is suitable for, right? There are ample benefits associated with this strategy. Some of the major benefits as per the current market scenario are:

  • Creates credibility for the brand
  • Improves the overall look and feel of the website
  • Makes the website more engaging
  • Reduces bounce rate
  • Holds consumers on your website
  • Improves web traffic
  • Develops a review cycle

You can enjoy more benefits once you embed Google reviews on a website. And to enjoy these benefits, you need some of the best tools in the market that helps you in this cause.

Top-Rated Tools That Enables You to Embed Google Reviews On Website

There are ample tools available in the market that helps you to embed Google reviews on websites, but for your convenience and to save your time, we have filtered the best tools for this marketing maneuver.

These tools are easily available on the internet and provide a dedicated Google review widget. The Google review widget is like a functional block on your website that enables you to display Google reviews without any hassle.

1. Tagembed Widget:

tagembed new

Tagembed is a phenomenal tool that helps users to collect social media feeds from 18+ social media platforms. You can even customize and curate the collected feed before displaying them on the website.

In addition, it provides you with the Google review widget that helps you display Google reviews on the website. By following some simple steps, you can easily embed Google reviews on websites, and flaunt your positive feedback to your website visitors.

Alongside easing the embedding process, the tool also provides some useful features that add great value to this tool. Like, it equips you with the customization feature that enables you to personalize your widget as per your need.

For example, you can change font size, font style, widget background color, and more. You can even choose the appropriate layout and theme for your widget and improve the website’s charm.

With the moderation feature, you can choose reviews you want to showcase on your widget and even hide the ones you think mislead or misguide your visitors.

And as the widget provides live updates – there is no need to refresh the feed to get the latest reviews. This means that as soon as someone uploads the review on the source, your widget will display it without delay.

Custom CSS, custom CTA, and analytics are some of the other major features of the tool that brings out the best of the Google review platform.

2. Review-widget:


Some various stats and surveys show that consumers often read Google reviews before making a purchase. Review-widget tool is a fantastic tool that enables you to compile Google reviews on websites and display them using Google review widget.

It is important that your visitors pay attention to your review widget, or else what will be the point of displaying Google reviews, right?

And for that, it is essential to make the widget more attention-grabbing. The tool provides modern and appealing widget designs that make the website more organized and professional.

Using different badges, like small badges, comment badges, medium widget badges, and more, you can showcase the reviews and your ratings in style. Moreover, it is compatible with all major website building platforms, which makes it an ideal tool.

3. Reviews on My Website:

review widget

Next on our list is another fantastic tool – Reviews On My Website. Like the tool mentioned above, this tool also helps in accumulating and displaying Google reviews on websites.

You can easily customize the widget as per your requirement and add a charm to the website. For example, you can change the colors and choose from various display templates, including sliders, lists, etc.


The tools mentioned above are currently the best in the market, enabling you to embed Google reviews on the website. You can find these tools easily and operate them without any hassle. So what are you waiting for? Try these tools now and take your brand to new heights.

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