What Do the SEO Analytics Say About Your Business Website?

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Do you know that the first five results get 67% of all the clicks in a search engine? To improve your SEO analytics, first, you need to measure it. So, to measure SEO, check out which keywords are ranking. If a specific keyword has a high ranking, it will get more traffic. But you cannot run a business only by focusing on keywords. Optimizing your website for SEO includes a lot more.

Getting organic views is a big success for a business. To do this, you need to go beyond just keyword ranking. Find out the things that matter. You can increase the profit and revenue of your business by getting organic searches.

You must have heard of Google Analytics. It’s a free tool that measures SEO for you.
Although no two businesses can be the same, some common factors matter in the success and failure of every business. But SEO analytics helps your business grow and nourish as it highlights the areas that need improvement.

SEO Analytics

Before diving into SEO analytics, let’s find out what SEO analytics is? Analyzing the data of a website, examining it to find out how well it is doing is optimized according to the requirement, and the improvements you can make to better the website is called SEO analytics. To have this quality of content on your website matters a lot. All this helps you manage your website and maximize its efficiency.

Benefits of SEO Analytics

SEO analytics proves to be beneficial for a business. Some of its benefits for a business are explained below.

  • Comparison of organic and non-organic visitors
  • Top-performing landing pages
  • Top performing content
  • Slow loading pages
  • Turn challenges into strength
  • Long term strategy

Comparison of Organic and Non-Organic Visitors

When you get the data of your SEO analytics, compare the organic visitors with non-organic visitors. If the ratio of organic views is higher, you are doing a good job optimizing your website. But if you have a lesser percentage of organic ideas, it’s a moment to face the truth. You have to work on all the SEO strategies to get a maximum number of organic views.
Many companies also work to help businesses to grow. You can also contact such companies to provide you with organic SEO services. A good SEO strategy will show you excellent results by increasing metrics.

Top-Performing Landing Pages

The most underrated strategy of SEO is tracking your all-top performing landing pages. You can use this data to identify your least converting and top converting pages. It also helps increase the views on your page and decrease the bounce rate. Go through your all-top performing landing pages once every month and try to optimize them for:

  • Conversion
  • Readability
  • Google algorithm
  • Trending Keywords

Set a valuable strategy for all your underperforming pages. It gives you all the data about the best performing and least performing pages. You can easily make changes in your least-performing pages and optimize SEO for better results. See what’s working best for you and apply it to your pages. You will also get data about your customer’s reviews on your landing pages. Try to answer all their queries and make all the possible changes they want.

Top Performing Content

First of all, identify your top-performing content. Check it regularly and make all the required changes to it. Update it if needed. Some pages get more traffic but do not add a lot to your business, and sometimes lower traffic can also generate significant revenue. You have to get all the analytics. Process them and work accordingly. If any link on your page is not working, replace it. See which features are doing good, enhance them. If a specific topic is doing great on your page, add more content on the same issue. All these minor improvements show significant results.

Slow Loading Pages

Many SEOs overlook the importance of optimizing page loading. It affects their experience with the website. Slow loading pages are more likely to impact a user negatively. With all the SEO strategies, page loading is also considered a primary factor in the success of a business.

These days people are out of time. They don’t have extra time to wait for a page to load. They need immediate access to the data. As a website owner, you should provide your customer with what they want.

Suppose your data shows that you are losing traffic due to the poor loading time of your page, then you should not overlook it. Talk to your team, ask them to improve the timing, and once it’s improved again, check the analytics. You will surely get some new traffic.
Turn Challenges into Strength

If you have a business, the most challenging thing is to add the most value to your business. Through SEO analytics, you can identify your progress this far. As an SEO expert, it’s easy to showcase your work progress before other SEO experts, but it’s challenging to explain the same thing to a client. If you want to continue working, you should explain all these critical points to your client.

After analyzing the data, always find a more creative way to present that data. If you can creatively put your point before your client, he can understand you and appreciate you. You should also explain the value your work brought to their business. In this way, they will consider you an asset to their company.

Long Term Strategy

To maximize your business in the long run, you need a long-term strategy to face all the challenges. The analytics give you an idea about your plan and the things that benefit you in the longer run. SEO has an everlasting impact. It shows results within a year, but it lasts longer.


SEO analytics indeed brings many challenges with it. But the opportunities that it provides for your business hold great importance in the present and future. Mainly it helps you, gives a direction and the right path to work.

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