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In recent times, ecommerce development platforms has reached a peak when comparing others. Of course, it costs a bit of money, and a software developer must know the trends.

Around 97% of software developers must know the recent ecommerce development platform trends in 2022.

They can build an ecommerce website that is robust, fast, and unique. In comparison, Ecommerce development platforms must aim 67% of the small business reach out in rankings.

With proper estimation, 89% of users must go ahead on the ecommerce development platforms for sure.

They will develop a multi-vendor ecommerce marketplace and improve dramatic options. It considers an effective goal and sets out robust development forever.

So, it gains more outcomes and explores the more popular ecommerce platforms in 2022.

Like other platforms, 99.9% of ecommerce sites have achieved a good position in Google ranking.

Ecommerce development platforms must identify well by setting about ecommerce platforms. It will depend on the content management systems with valid reasons. It comes with a custom website to explore software development.

Here, in this post, you can check out the ecommerce development platforms trends in market 2022.


Bigcommerce is nothing but a reliable and robust ecommerce development platform trend in 2022. Nearly 86% of software developers are using this platform for developing ecommerce sites.

It plays a significant role in customized experiences for larger customers. They consider high-end solutions and integrate third-party apps trends in 2022.

In recent times, approximately 81% of ecommerce developers look forward to showing integration options.

It gives a complete opportunity to focus on high-end solutions. An admin console will identify well by setting up the process easier. So, it keeps you organized with possible solutions with further setting up processes.

Square online

Square online is a decent and trending ecommerce development platform for us. From the beginning, it includes a secure and high-end solution using in-person transactions and expanded. However, it will develop a good solution and handle it well with other platforms.

In other words, you will probably consider the trending options with quick database functions. They will develop an online store and tie-to-back with a back-end square system. 75% of users need this trend depending on the database and consider banner images.

Magento Adobe commerce

This is another highly popular Magento ecommerce integration trending in 2022. It generally holds medium to large Ecommerce sites to develop a nice experience. It will be able to adapt well to eCommerce needs.

The open-source options may develop a good solution with development options.

They can afford an ecommerce development with proper outcomes. It is generally taken and held with ecommerce solutions with Magento and open source commerce.


Most people and developers are familiar with this ecommerce development platform. Yeah! The name is Shopify. Nearly 89% of ecommerce developers use Shopify for better development.

Due to its flexible and robust functions, Shopify offers crucial reasons to develop ecommerce sites. It takes payments for companies to explore the ecommerce platforms. So, make sure to create high-end solutions.

The Shopify platform offers the most crucial reasons to obtain a business of all sizes. It depends on the requirements by setting about Shopify ecommerce platforms trends. Shopify has a market share of 31% in the United States.


WooCommerce is an open-source and customizable development platform. It is built with 100% satisfaction and is included with hosting and domain name. Catering for many states takes a pledge to discover WooCommerce as the best one.

In addition to this, you will need many extensions by taking a 67% share in the global market. This includes payment gateways like PayPal, Square, Amazon Pay, etc.

Also, it is easy to develop and expect a good solution for 100% secure payment options. They will develop a good solution and manage things to develop many options forever. With WooCommerce features, it just goes ahead with payment processing options.


Of course, it differs from other development platforms. It generally carries out more functionality by setting about an online store.

An existing website must generally hold specific solutions with Ecwid development. Changing well and adapting to the business creates a basic one-page and instant site with basic functionalities.

On the other hand, 83% of users must go ahead with ecommerce functionalities depending on the standardized solutions.

The Ecommerce widget must set out a new solution and explore salient roles forever. They will control all things and explore live in-person options.

Salesforce commerce cloud

Salesforce commerce cloud is a cloud-based and ecommerce development platform in 2022. Thus, it is a recent trend in setting about tools related to sales. They adapt well by setting about customer service and marketing.

As well as, nearly 56% of users need a secure platform for ecommerce platforms. It will develop a good solution and fulfill the requirements easier. It contains tools related to sales and develops salient platforms forever.

In 2022, Salesforce commerce cloud must optimize some changes in the easier option. It will handle well by holding streamlined options.

Therefore, it makes checkout and payment processes easier. Users must choose depending on the strip and streamline checkout and payment solutions. They will develop a good solution and maintain a secure payment forever.


Of course, Nopcommerce is an open-source ecommerce development platform to upload an unlimited number of products.

They set out a new solution, and developers released a new version. The software must gain more outcomes and be free to use.

Also, they develop a good solution in setting about new experiences forever. It includes various tools by setting about B2C and B2B eCommerce development.

They will hold the salient platform to include popular payment methods and gateways.

Oracle CX commerce

However, the Oracle CX Commerce provides a cloud-native and fully integrated extensible solution. It includes a salient role in setting about unique demands on the business.

Although, they deliver seamless options and take part in personalized experiences forever. If you are a B2B firm, this will develop a good solution by holding the unique needs of your business solutions.

In Conclusion:

Above all, you can find out the ecommerce development platform that trends in 2022 forever. Keep reading and choose the best platform for you.

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