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Web development is the foundation of search engine results. No SERP can display search results per user questions and issues if there are no websites.

Unfortunately, the websites keep coming on and going from the SERPs. That’s because of the ever-changing trend and user tastes & preferences.

As such, the developers need to use different Web Development Tools from time to time. Or else they can’t fulfil the contemporary user and client demands.

These tools provide multiple programming languages and techniques to help developers create innovative websites and mobile apps for a better user experience.

The better the experience, the higher the chances of user retention, engagement, and participation in the website. Web Development Tools also play an important role in website uniqueness and innovation.

That’s why web development companies and working professionals have to decide on the right tool before initiating a client project.

In this post, we’ll discuss the top 7 PHP Web Development tools that could assist you in developing groundbreaking websites for your client and a personal project. Let’s get started!

What is PHP Web Development Tool?

PHP is one of the most popular web programming languages that follow the general-purpose scripting protocol.

The language works along with certain Web Development Tools and frameworks like- Laravel, Laminas Project, Slim, Codelgniter, Symfony, FuelPHP, etc.

These frameworks provide a digital workshop to the developers to do multiple experiments on their programming knowledge.

They can add modern features and innovative functionalities to the website using such tools and frameworks.

PHP Web Development provides the following unique features to the developers and businesses:

  • Fully functional libraries for adding innovative web functionalities
  • Simple to use scripts for development
  • Multiple framework support and
  • A value-driven documentation

Fluper also uses the best web development and mobile app development frameworks available out there. Our company is devoted to delivering world-class web and mobile app development services to users and clients worldwide!

Top 7 PHP Web Development Tools for Generating Outstanding Websites

First, you need to specify your business objective and suggest an app development idea. Web Development Tools could also fail to bring you the desired results if you’re unsure about your business plans.

So, we suggest you have a detailed discussion with your business partners, peer groups, seniors & colleagues before deciding on a web development project.

When you’re done with the consultation and communication phase, you may decide among various PHP Development Tools available.

In this segment, we’ve mentioned the 7 best web development frameworks that you can review and make your decision for an anticipated outcome. Let’s proceed:


The framework is quite old but a popular option among global web developers. Moreover, it is free, open-source, and seeks higher developer attention.

Web developers can’t proceed without an open-source framework these days. These open-source frameworks don’t require any expenses on the developers and clients. Laravel simplifies the development process and also provides full security to the users.

The associated development process starts with full- Authentication, Authorization, Email Verification, Encryption & Password Reset of the users.


PHPStorm is quick and flexible. The framework is easily compatible with other PHP Development Tools like- Yii, Zend, CakePHP, Laravel, etc.

In addition, the framework is compatible with the leading CMS, including- WordPress, Magento, Drupal, etc.

Moreover, the tool comes with easy code navigation and reliable testing support. The tool also helps to rearrange code for creating a performance-centric website.

Aptana Studio

Besides PHP, Aptana Studio also supports C++, Python, HTML & CSS to cover a wider developer base. The PHP Web Development Tool is devoted to multiple programmers skilled in different languages.

You can let your app developer team take better advantage of these framework features. Furthermore, you can use this framework in case of a bigger and time-consuming project where you want your developer team to unite.


The next effective tool on our list is Eclipse. This tool is extremely popular among global web developers. In addition, the tool is dedicated to multiple PC platforms like- Windows, Linux, macOS, etc.

Moving ahead, Eclipse delivers various options of plugins you may use to create a perfect website for your online business.

Furthermore, the tool could add multiple web features as per the emerging user tastes and preferences in the future.


Netbeans is mainly a Java development environment. However, it is compatible with all PHP development standards.

Besides PHP, it allows developers to use C, C++, and HTML5 for generating a wider variety of websites. It is also compatible with other frameworks like- Zend, Smarty, Symfony 2, etc. Talking about the CMS, the framework only supports WordPress.

Zend Studio

The tool comes with an easy-to-use interface for both freshers and experienced developers. It supports JavaScript, C, C++, and C# along with PHP.

As a result, the tool provides faster performance and timely submission of your web development project.

The Web Development Tool also has features like search and index PHP code. Due to this reason, the tool has got ample developer attention, even being new in the market.


CodeIgniter is a symbol of simplicity and an attention-seeking development environment. Its minimal configuration has influenced many PHP web and app developers in the past few years.

The developers feel enjoying CodeIgniter’s company. The tool also provides an effective error handling feature that intensifies your testing process.

In addition, the framework helps developers with easy-to-read documentation. It is a fast and flexible tool to use.

Wrapping Up

Besides, you can think of many other popular Web Development Tools compatible with your PHP programming objective comprising- Slim, Laminas Project, Phalcon, FuelPHP, CakePHP, PHPixie, Yii, etc.

As discussed earlier, first, you need to ensure your business requirements and objectives. A website or mobile app represents your top products and services. Therefore, you shouldn’t compromise on a reliable development approach.

You can visit Fluper for more information regarding your app development project and share your business idea with us anytime. Get in touch!!

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