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What are read-aloud eBooks?

Read aloud eBooks have been one of the most powerful innovations of the twenty-first century. Thanks to read-aloud eBooks (or audiobooks/talking books).

People can now have the content of books read out by a human-like voice. Yes, it is the same as hearing bedtime stories from your grandmother.

Technological innovations have now made eBooks common practice, and millions of people are benefiting from the help of audiobooks.

Audiobooks have many major advantages, including multitasking and helping people who cannot read otherwise.

To read a traditional book, you need your hands, eyes and visualizing skills – all functional and in good shape.

Plus, you need to dedicate time to reading and leave aside all other activities. Read-aloud eBooks or audiobooks allow people to read and make others read while carrying out other important tasks.

Audiobooks or talk books have also revolutionized the eLearning landscape and are an integral part of higher-ed publishing services.

Audiobooks can be accessed over various devices and locations, such as mobile phones, tablet devices, automobile stereo systems, home stereo systems, and televisions.

Fictional and entertainment-based content such as documentaries, podcasts, plays, etc., can also be included in audiobooks.

As an author, educator, or publisher, you can convert all your existing material into read-aloud eBooks or audiobooks.

Read aloud eBook conversion services enable individuals and companies worldwide to publish their content and spread it to millions of users without much difficulty.

The best thing is that with audiobooks, you can also share your content with those who are generally not voracious book readers or bookworms, for that matter.

Before knowing about the read-aloud audiobook, conversion services must know their benefits and applications.

Having an idea about your target audience would help you plan things better and publish eBooks that benefit them and you in the long run.

Who needs read-aloud eBooks?

Read aloud eBooks or audiobooks have a far wider audience than I think. Students, corporate executives, storytellers, fitness enthusiasts, and specially-abled people benefit a lot from real aloud eBooks.


Whether young children under the age of ten or young adults who are still studying or preparing for competitive exams.

Audiobooks help all students save time, develop listening skills and build focus for their studies. Students sometimes get bored reading long passages of text.

Audiobooks help them break this monotony and stay at peace with their studies. This also helps reduce their stress levels and close their eyes and focus on the subject matter in a more efficient and undivided manner.

Working professionals

Be it corporate executives, field workers, or even domestic workers – working professionals who are often multitasking benefit a lot from read-aloud audiobooks.

Such people can listen to the educational material while working at home, traveling, and even learning stuff while staying indoors.

Many adults like sleeping while listening to audiobooks. Cookbook conversion services enable many domestic workers and chefs to publish their material in an audiobook format and share it with millions of users worldwide.


Creative people benefit a lot from audiobooks as well. Ad executives, scriptwriters, filmmakers, and creative writers can visualize a lot with the help of audiobooks.

Since audiobooks enable listeners to multitask, such creative people often make notes and develop their own stories while listening to audiobooks.

Whether they listen to self-help books or fictional stories, they get a lot of inspiration from audiobooks.

This helps them develop powerful stories and develop fresh ideas others have hardly heard of. Enhanced ePub conversion services are helping creative individuals publish their work for entertainment and educational purposes.

Fitness enthusiasts

Fitness enthusiasts can listen to audiobooks while doing their workouts. Audiobooks serve two purposes for fitness enthusiasts.

One avoids the monotony that occurs due to repeating the same exercises now and then. The second is to utilize their time by making their brains focus on something constructive and educational.

People can listen to audiobooks while doing their cardiovascular exercises or weight training.

People with disabilities

Disabled individuals, especially those with visual impairments, benefit greatly from audiobooks. Thanks to read-aloud ebooks.

Such people can listen to hours of audiobook content without any strain and even learn new things. eBook mobile app development services enable people with disabilities to access their favorite content on mobile devices with the help of dedicated applications for visually impaired listeners.

Types of read-aloud eBook conversion services

As an individual or publisher, there are various read-aloud ebook conversion services you can opt for, depending on your requirement.

You can opt for narrated storybooks, digital talking books, talking newspapers, and educational books for your publication.

Narrated storybooks

Narrated storybooks are one of the more popular eBook formats being used worldwide. The human voice and machine voice – which involve converting text to speech – can be used to create narrated storybooks.

Narrated storybooks can be produced in the NIMAS and the DAISY format. Narrate storybooks can be use for creating children’s books and bestselling fiction books of all genres – fantasy, mystery, science fiction, contemporary, and historical fiction.

Publishers and authors can opt for read-aloud eBook conversion services to convert their existing books and eBooks into audiobooks.

Writers can even submit their non-published fresh manuscripts to eBook conversion experts to create narrated storybooks from scratch.

Since narrated storybooks are generally fictional, storytelling is a key part. Voice modulation is integral and helps the storytelling.

Digital talking books

The Digital talking books are meant for all kinds of age groups – from young children to elderly people. Digital talking books can be made available in MP3, RA, and WMP format.

The best thing about digital talking books is that youngsters and adults can learn a lot from these audiobooks while staying at home.

Digital talking books can also be programme to take voice commands in voice-activated devices.

The Digital talking books are like virtual teacher who reads long passages of texts to readers. Users can pause and play these digital talking books in their comfort.

Sound effects such as thunder, train sound, soothing music, knocking on a wooden door, etc., can also be added to make the content more engaging.

Talking newspapers

Talking newspaper is yet another advance technology reaching millions of users worldwide. Most people want to know the latest news, be it from the world of business, politics, sports, or current affairs.

Talking newspapers help news agencies and curators deliver news not only to the portable devices that people own but read it out as well.

You can easily get your news bulletins convert into talking newspapers if you own a media house or a news agency.

As a news curation agency, you don’t need to worry about the delay in the news due to the advanced read-aloud technology.

Once the technical framework is finaliz, each news bulletin publish by your agency in text form is convert into audio automatically within seconds.

You can also opt for dedicated newsreaders for special sections or regular news. Talking newspapers help users select the news section they want to listen to and consume news at their comfort.

Educational books

Educational books for all subjects, such as Math, History, Sciences, Social Studies, and General Awareness, can be convert into read-aloud eBooks.

Students of all ages in all parts of the world love listening to audiobooks to study theory and advanced concepts.

Whether children under the age of three years or Ph.D. students working on their research, read-aloud educational audiobooks help all students learn without having to read long passages of texts and turning pages of traditional paperback books.

Educational audiobooks can have automated text-to-speech conversion technology or have human voices with professional narrators reading the theoretical text and explaining advanced concepts.

Higher-ed publishing services help educators publish read-aloud audiobooks of all subjects with customized functionality to explain advanced concepts.

Multiple voices can be use for the same course to make it more interesting and interactive.

Educators can forward the scripts of their advanced concepts and direct narrators to read out concepts in the way and style they think would help their students the best.

For example, the Pythagorean theorem can be explain in a way wherein the students can visualize the concept without looking at a diagram but make diagrams based on the audio themselves.


You should outsource enhanced ePub conversion services to companies that provide complete multimedia support, enhanced metadata services, text-to-speech conversion, and global language support.

Experts can help you publish state-of-the-art read-aloud eBooks with sophisticated features for all types of publications – fictional, educational, biographies, motivational, and self-help eBooks.

SunTec Digital offers high-quality eBook conversion services at the lowest prices and a quick turnaround time. You can get a free quote by emailing all your ePublishing requirements to

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