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Social Media: The year 2021 was a year of surprises. As the pandemic hit human civilization, there were a lot of questions around the future of the world economy.

When the worldwide businesses questioned their future existence, there was one industry ready to bloom like never before.

It was never a secret that companies like Facebook and Google make most of their profits through ad campaigns. They make money as advertisers, not social networking sites.

The social media industry, mainly dominated by the Facebook group, made billions while promoting and growing other businesses. We can now admit that having a social media profile is the first thing on the to-do list of any brand nowadays.

Social Media:

This makes it easier for brands to convey their messages, interact with customers, portray their work quality, and exhibit their work ethics. These platforms now act as virtual visiting cards or digital catalogs for every large and small company.

In recent years, we learned that social networks are the best place for business owners to reach their desired customers accurately. There exist varieties of businesses that were primarily benefited by this social media industry.

Business ideas like online education platforms, online food delivery services, and share market investments were most positively affected by the role played by social media in business.

If we observe, startups and small-scale businesses are the ones that made the most benefit with this platform. The reason is accurate ad targeting and a massive cost-cutting in an advertisement compared to any other traditional way of advertising on newspaper or television.

The major social media companies like Facebook and Google give the advertiser complete flexibility to control who should see the ad. Features like pay per click make it easier to save an extra penny in their advertising campaign.

Apart from that, these platforms give complete analytical reports of the performance of your social media ad campaign. One can get in-depth details like which age group is engaging with the ad. Which country or region gives a better conversion rate, or what kind of audience does not like their ads.

These features provide them with the power to make more audience-specific content and campaigns. Read More here at Social Media Wall for Virtual Events

E-commerce industry.

Although e-commerce platforms are a great source of advertising, they are miles away from advertising to the most relevant audience.

Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and even Google search keep tracking your recent activities like browsing topics and profile interactions to develop your upcoming interest for new purchases.

This can be a new mobile phone, fashion wear, accessories, etc. This helps advertisers to show interest in specific products to buy.

Not only the big sellers like Amazon or Flipkart, but people who practice local business got an opportunity to grow their business and expand their area of operation by listing their business on Facebook. The role of social media in business gave them immensely positive results.

Nowadays, e-commerce is not just limited to goods. Online food ordering is also a highly used service. Brands like Zomato and Swiggy use social media platforms to exhibit their services and CSR.

It’s not just about the paid advertisements campaigns, and these brands use skills like moment marketing to turn every current affair into an opportunity.

Gone are the days when startups used to promote their ideas through billboards. Almost every brand now uses social media to turn every hot topic into a piece of cake.

Travel Industry

The travel industry made some revolutionary changes using social media, and this industry also witnessed self-driven promotions by the consumer.

Travel planners and hospitality owners made maximum use of social media. They made audience-specific ads for their customers and made maximum conversions.

Intense promotions, advertisements, and trend-setting by the travel industry have encouraged users to travel as much as possible and explore the beauty of different places. Traveling to some costly places is now considered the bucket list by the youngsters and upcoming generation.

With the power of precise ads, this industry won’t hesitate to target anyone irrespective of their financial status. Business owners showed them low budget best value trip offers for a tight budget person who is willing to travel.

Further, these advertisers’ luxurious lifestyles and hospitality attracted consumers who had enough to spend. The accuracy in targeting the correct audience made this possible for them. This again justifies how social media growth can directly affect revenue growth.


The only industry which directly grows as their viewership grows is the Entertainment Industry. The fact is that to make content viral; you need a platform where most of the audience resides together.

According to the stat, these places happen to be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Google.

Previously if any movie or music was release, makers spent tons of money advertising their content on TV commercials, radio, and newspapers.

These platforms are too expensive and do not possess techniques to target the desired audience for whom the content was initially made.

This resulted in hefty investments and light conversion rates, and it was report that some movies used to have more advertisement budgets than the production budget.

And hence using social media for business gave them a better return on investments. These things are reflect in business stats when one tries to calculate profits.

Not just the advertisements, the entertainment industry makes a profit by creating and promoting trends on social media to promote their content.

You might have seen some notable trends on social media platforms like a movie-based challenge or a particular dance move for a song.

On the other hand, these trends are create by the producers and makers of a movie or a music album to make their content viral and make people promote their product for free.

Beauty and fitness.

Social media platforms can be consider a place where people portray their best qualities. Most commonly post the best photos and videos of themselves and their loved ones on platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

This industry very well understands the importance of social media for business. A sense of competition can be felt by posting better pictures. One person encourages two others, and they encourage four more.

This tendency of users allows the beauty and fitness business to manipulate our minds and give them maximum profit. By collaborating with some famous beauty and fitness figures, they endorse their best services and convince you to buy those services or products.

Moreover, this industry uses an individual’s social media presence and fan base, which suits their genre and pays them to promote its products and services.

In addition, people watch those advertisement campaigns and try to follow their idols which generate heavy revenue. This industry is also leading society to treat their social media profiles.


The only industry or sector making a profit and making a positive impact on the lifestyle and personality of individuals is the Education industry. Websites like Udemy, Upgrade, Unclass, Skillshare promoted their helpful and valuable content on these platforms.

Secondly, students and working professionals consumed their services and shared their achievements on platforms like Instagram and LinkedIn.

Sharing such valuable achievements among similar people encourages more and more youngsters. To join these courses and make themselves skilled enough to design a spectacular resume.

Also, these businesses made the best social media profit for themselves and their consumers.

Not just these industry-leading brands, people who were already skill enough to teach others made a good amount of sales of their micro-courses by using social media for business.

They figured out the benefits of social media like never before and reached an eligible viewer. This was the point when even a middle-class self-employed individual understood the importance of social media business.

This is the only industry that is not just limit to Facebook or Instagram ad campaigns. Many of the primary creators of the education sector make their living by platforms like Youtube, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

As well as, they know people who want to learn will prefer these platforms over the commonly used platforms. Use this wisdom to generate maximum leads and conversions for their product.

In Conclusion

These were the top five social industries making hefty profits using social media. These companies have some common reasons for ditching traditional marketing and switching to social media.

Although, Low-cost advertisements, real-time progress reports, and accurate audience targeting are benefits of industries. A remarkable change in brand recognition is observed for brands like Zomato, Udemy, Swiggy, Upgrade, Skillshare, and other homegrown Indian brands.

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