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Christmas Surprise: The holiday season and winter are just around the corner. The days and nights are here when you and your lady love will require you to spend more hours inside your heated bedroom instead of going out in snow and cold.

While you and you’re SO planning to have the most memorable time together during the upcoming holiday season, have you decided what gift you will give to her?

Sexy Lingerie for Plus Size Woman as Christmas Gift:

While there might be so many gifting options, gifting your lady with some dainty-looking lingerie will be the best idea.

Why? Lingerie is the best friend of any woman. From feeling confident to feeling sensuous, it is their lingerie that decides their mindset.

So, when you are gifting her sexy lingerie for plus-size women, you show your intimate knowledge of knowing her.

They will get to see how well you know them. So, what should you shop for? Take a look at the following points to get inspired.

Stretchable Lace Chemise

When you think of Christmas surprise, what color do you think of first? Well, surely, you think of red. Now, how about a lace stunning chemise will be for her?

This will make her look sensuous. Comes with a lace neckband; this is a very steamy option for your lady love.

The lace will make her look elegant while playing peek-a-boo with her assets. This can be the best option if you are looking forward to a steamy night filled with erotic fun and passion. An online adult toy store like GVSX LLC is the best place to shop for this one.

Remote Control Lace Thong Set

If you and your partner are bold and willing to try something more exciting, then you can get your hands on this one. The elegant lacy thong comes with an erotic twist.

It comes with a discreet stimulator that will touch and massage the delicate pleasure spot and control it with a small remote.

Now, you both can go out for dinner while she wears this thong. While you control her pleasure, she will have a squirmy time managing her composure while you both are out for a date night.

The silicone stimulator discreetly gets tucked in the thong and offers 12 functions vibration that will leave her moaning in pleasure.

Midnight Affair Chemi Set Red

If your lady love is confident with her dominatrix attitude and seductive style, then this one will be the perfect option for her. This comes in a gorgeous red color that will go well with the theme of Christmas.

The lace cami came with a plunging neckline and laced-up details that will make her look irresistible. When she comes out after changing in this, showing off just the right amount of skin and getting ready to melt like a puddle seeing her with her dominant style, let her take charge for the night and enjoy a passion-filled rendezvous.

Hookup Panties with Pleasure Pearls

This beauty is designed for pleasure for both you and your partner. The crotch of the lace boyshorts is made of pleasure beads.

The pearls will massage her clitoris with every small movement, sending the pleasure wave across the body.

Moving without squirming and moaning in pleasure will become impossible while wearing this one. And if your mood strikes and you both get down for some action, the beads will massage against your junk, pleasuring you while you satisfy her with every thrust.


So, what are you waiting for? Shop for these erotic Christmas surprise gifts for her that she will never forget and cherish. Find them from the store that also offers sexy bridal lingerie.

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