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How Podcasts Recreate An Influential Part In Digital Marketing Strategy

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Digital marketing: In the last few years, the popularity of podcasts has skyrocketed. If you had asked me about Podcasts recreate a few years ago, I would have encouraged you to ignore this out-of-date craze.

Things have changed since then, though. Many celebrities and influencers have launched their podcasts on various themes in recent years.

Many people listen to podcasts, so it’s a good idea for digital marketing agencies to incorporate them into their digital marketing strategy.

But, before we get into the arguments for using Podcasts recreate in a company’s digital marketing plan, let’s define what a Podcast is.

  • What exactly is a podcast?
  • Podcasting’s growing popularity
  • Podcasts recreate should be a part of your digital marketing strategy for a variety of reasons.
  • Popular Podcasting Platforms
  • All-Time Most Popular Podcasts

What Exactly is A Podcast?

A podcast is a collection of digitally created and organized episodes that focus on a single theme or topic, such as technology, start-ups, or anything else. It’s a digital radio, to put it that way.

Podcasts are normally free and can be found on several different platforms. To listen to Podcasts, all you need is a device and an internet connection.

Dave Winer (a software developer) and Adam Curry began podcasting in 2014. (MTV Video Jockey). Ben Hammersley coined the name “podcast” to popularise the concept.

The journey, which began in 2004, gained some traction in 2013 when Apple Inc. declared that it had reached a milestone of one billion podcast subscribers.

As of January 2020, there were over 9,00,000 podcasts available to stream, with millions of people listening to them at least once a month. The popularity of podcasts has risen since then.

Podcasting’s Growing Popularity

In 2009, it was projected that 9% of US adults aged 18-49 listened to podcasts; by 2016, that number had risen to more than 20%.

The BBC stated in 2014 that its Podcast had been downloaded over 1.1 billion times in the United Kingdom alone.

They are known by 55 percent of Americans, which is fantastic! Podcasts’ ease of use and intimacy are two reasons they have become so popular.

Podcasts Should Be A Part Of Your Digital Marketing Strategy For A Variety Of Reasons.

They are adaptable, educational, and overwhelming. One media has so much promise that any marketer should not overlook it. Podcasts are produced by about 3% of marketers.

Advertisers spent approximately $90 million on in-podcast ads in 2014, which grew to $190 billion in 2016, and are now predicted to skyrocket in 2021.

Podcasting is a highly effective approach to promote a business, and the following are some of the reasons why you should include a digital marketing podcast in your marketing strategy:

  • Podcasts are Engaging
  • Low obstacles to Access
  • Forces Traffic on Website and promote SEO strategy
  • The Podcasts are more compelling
  • Podcasts are more innovative
  • Podcasts have more visibility for the brand
  • Attain new audience
  • Niche targeting
  • Form deeper connections with the audience
  • Podcasts are universal


Popular Podcasting Platforms

Like video and photo platforms, podcast platforms are places where podcasts are hosted. The following are some of the most popular and well-known Podcast platforms:


Podbean one million subscribers
iTunes One billion subscribers across the world.
Podcast and Radio Addict Ten million app downloads on Android.
Castbox Five million app downloads


Pre-roll advertising, mid-roll ads, outro commercials, and native ads are the four different types of podcast advertisements.

Pre-roll ads When the show begins, his advertisement shows. The show, for example, is presented to you by “Sponsor name.”
Mid-roll ads When there is an intermission, this ad appears in the middle of the show. For example, the show’s host takes a stop to thank the episode’s sponsors.
Outro Ads This commercial airs after the broadcast. “Sponsor’s name,” for example, is responsible for this episode.
Native ads These advertisements are given to the host of the show in the form of a script to read during the podcast. This advertising appears to be natural to the audience.


All-Time Most Popular Podcasts

This American Life  It is a weekly general radio show with influential broadcasting awards.
Serial The show develops a true narrative with many dramatic twists and turns.
Dr. Death A story about a neurosurgeon, his patients, and a healthcare system with no spine.
Criminal A complicated podcast regarding the offense.
Radiolab Deep-dive journalism and inventive sound design are hallmarks of the show.


Here are a Few Well-Known Indian Podcasts:

3 Things A major daily news program in which hosts interview in-house experts regarding current events.
#AakashVani Hosted by a former cricketer, topics related to cricket
Indian Noir Thrilling, crime, and horror audio stories are featured in this critically regarded podcast.
Cyrus Says This critically acclaimed podcast features thrilling, crime, and horror audio stories.
The Fan Garage Football, tennis, and fantasy cricket are among the sports discussed.


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